How Peter Can Help You

Whether you’re hoping to lose weight, recovering from an accident, dealing with an ailment, or just hoping to live a healthier life, Peter can help. He will design a custom fitness program for each individual client because he firmly believes in fitness training that fits your lifestyle.

Injured or struggling with an ailment? Peter offers flexibility routines to help with joint and back pain, and exercises for core and back strengthening. Plus, we can help those who have gained weight due to an illness or injury.

We have just the right fitness program for you, whatever your age. Think fitness programs are just for the young? Think again. Peter offers senior-specific training for the actively aging to help reverse the aging process, keep your bones healthy and strong, and to lose some extra weight. He can add years to your life and life to your years!

Peter gets his clients fit the fastest and safest way possible in an atmosphere that’s fun, encouraging and exciting. He uses the latest research in training to achieve optimal results. With your permission, he’ll keep track of inches lost, pounds shed, body fat percentage, muscle percentage and BMI.

Peter can teach you how to exercise on your own, at home or work, by providing you with the tools needed to achieve your goals. He will e-mail or print out the exercises done in the studio with pictures to help you remember them at home. He will also provide on-line support via e-mail and video calling.

Peter recognizes there’s more to reaching your goals of a healthy life than just workouts and exercises. He provides nutritional counselling, menu planning and grocery store tours where he will teach you how to shop the healthy way. He will motivate you to WANT to exercise and eat right!

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